September 30, 2016

New Moon in Libra: Universal Reset





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In a month that found us energetically and emotionally put to the test, Friday’s New Moon can feel like a breath of fresh air. It feels like a potent rush of energy that is helping us to heal what came forward this month and move forward with intention. 

All week the energy has been building and Friday is the crescendo-the climatic culmination of what is proving to be a radical time for great change. We are seeing this on the broader stage as we hear of acts of cruelty against our citizens who are treated as less than and citizens no longer willing to sit idle. We are witnessing a growing gap between our government and the people. We stand defiantly against a man who proudly displays racist, sexist and generally abhorrent behavior and stand on the edge of a turning point as we shift to a more feminine flow of power. 

We are seeing it on a personal level as our wounds begin to surface, unwilling to be ignored. We are shedding layers of limitation, toxic relationships, jobs, behaviors and thoughts and opening to a new, stronger and more luminous, version of ourselves. And its been hard as fuck. 

But Libra encourages us to work it out. To find a place of balance in our lives, our relationships and our work. Jupiter, now in Libra for the next 12 months, urges us to expand into greatness. To explore how we show up for ourselves and for the world. How do we make ourselves available to those we interact with? How can we be a shining light in a world that at times can seems so dark?

Because in truth the world is not dark-it simply needs more of us stepping into our light and directing it outward rather than simply holding it for ourselves. We need more people willing to speak up, take action, create and be bold in their most authentic expression. The world needs more of us to break open, get real, rub against our greatness until we are raw and then spread love like wildfire. 

Today we accept the challenge. We begin anew and step forward without fear or anxiety but with the utmost faith that we can be better. That this world can be better. And that now is the time to demand that our inner and outer worlds reflect the potency of our divine and brilliant selves.


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