August 18, 2016

Full Moon In Aquarius: Me into We





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This morning we welcomed the Full Moon in Aquarius a chance to rise to a higher perspective. This is a chance to turn me into we. To reach out and witness the world around us, the injustices, the slaughter, the pain that so many are facing and do something about it. 

While Aquarians may not be the most outwardly emotional people they have a heart of gold that bleeds for those who have been wronged or who suffer under unthinkable conditions. This sign gifts us today with the opportunity for growth and expansion not for the self but for the world at large. 

Today we have a chance to remember that what is done to the parts affects the whole. The cultures of antiquity understood that to act with Wisdom is to act with awareness that we are all connected. There is no separation despite what our culture has driven into us. We are not better than others because we may have something they do not. 

Perhaps the greatest gift offered by this full moon, aside from knowing we can help create connection, is the chance to make change. Old foundations are being torn asunder. We no longer must continue thinking and doing as we always have. In this great time of transition everything that further divides will erode and be destroyed. This applies to what is within us and what we offer to the world.  Do not resist or cling but open freely to the process. Give to yourself and give of yourself. 

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